Introduction The talk of China as unique, and to describe it as the world’s oldest and most distinctive continuous civilization, is to impose synthetic cultural cum racial wholeness upon a highly factionalized entity. This tense and uncertain society, riven by a hotchpotch of warring groups and cabals seething with envy […]

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这家位于西雅图市中心北面一点的Uptown Espresso,号称有着西雅图最好的拿铁。我是在北京听一位上海姑娘说的,她说她当年就住在那条街上。去探访的那天,刚巧旁边的消防站的大叔们在维护他们的云梯车,拍了一张连同咖啡馆的照片传到Instagram。上海姑娘说,她当时就住在消防站对面的楼上。

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Yining He His pictures of emptiness trace the life of ancient Chinese and involve viewers to make a dialogue with history, says Yizhong Ruan An inaugural photography exhibition of Zhang Jin’s “Another Season” was held in Three Shadows + 3 gallery. This is the first solo exhibition of Zhang Jin […]

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Yining He “Go East” is a blog offering updated news on contemporary Chinese photography on a weekly basis. Entering the new millennium, as the world’s second largest economy, China is undergoing the most rapid urbanization. As a result of these emerging challenges and creative energies, contemporary Chinese photography has flourished […]

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川菜一统天下,不论在北京还是在西雅图。 在北京想江浙菜的时候,在东四八条附近的咸亨酒店略略解解馋而已,烤麸明显是罐头,没什么好说的。打听了另外几家京城有名的江浙菜,周围小伙伴们提不起多大的兴趣,于是在北京的杭州姑娘告诉我的这几家馆子还没去就不得不被遗忘了。



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