7 thoughts on “继续iPhone的生活

  1. 上回说过的那个法国馆子在pike里。用yelp吧,评分高的都蛮靠谱。我在西雅图那边吃的也比较少,不是很熟。Ivar‘s的fish n Chips一定要吃的。中餐的话,鼎泰丰的包子不错。我明天写个我吃过的攻略好了。

  2. My iphone pics were way more grainy. 🙁

    By the way, do you have good restaurant to recommend in down town Seattle/Pike Market? Seafood/Chinese or anything else. 谢啦!

  3. I wouldn’t believe it’s taken by iphone if it was written by you! Dude, that’s awesome!

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