Go East: 1976, A Year in Chinese Photography ‘s History (By Yining He)

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Introduction The talk of China as unique, and to describe it as the world’s oldest and most distinctive continuous civilization, is to impose synthetic cultural cum racial wholeness upon a highly factionalized entity. This tense and uncertain society, riven by a hotchpotch of warring groups and cabals seething with envy and ambition, struggling for power, […]

Go East: Zhang Jin Photography: Another Season, Three Shadow +3 Gallery by Yining He

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Yining He His pictures of emptiness trace the life of ancient Chinese and involve viewers to make a dialogue with history, says Yizhong Ruan An inaugural photography exhibition of Zhang Jin’s “Another Season” was held in Three Shadows + 3 gallery. This is the first solo exhibition of Zhang Jin after his winning on TSPA […]

Go East: A Window to the Contemporary Chinese Photography by Yining He

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Yining He “Go East” is a blog offering updated news on contemporary Chinese photography on a weekly basis. Entering the new millennium, as the world’s second largest economy, China is undergoing the most rapid urbanization. As a result of these emerging challenges and creative energies, contemporary Chinese photography has flourished into one of the most […]